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Frequently Asked Questions





What is Daily Money Management? 

Daily Money Managers provide assistance to clients who have difficulty in managing their personal financial affairs. The services meet a variety of needs from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical records to assisting with bill payments and financial services.


Are you insured?


Yes. Jackson Personal Financial Services carries Professional Liability Insurance through Lloyds of London, the official insurer for member of AADMM- the Association of Daily Money Manager.


Will I lose my control if I hire Jackson Personal Financial Services?


Absolutely not, the client always has access and control over all of his/her accounts and records. The work we do from bill paying to organizing will be done based on your preferences and needs.


What is your policy on Confidentiality of your Clients?


We take your privacy and that of your family very seriously. We do not exchange, distribute or share and information we receive from our clients with any third party, unless our client authorizes us to do so. We also follow the AADMM's Code of Ethics (available upon request).  


Will I have the same daily money manager visiting me each time?


Yes. Your daily money manager is dedicated to serving you and will be at every visit.


Do you replace my accountant or financial advisor? 


No. We work with your accountants, financial advisors, insurance agents and bankers to ensure that you are taken care of in every aspect of your financial life. We do not provide tax, legal or investment advice, but our efforts complement the services of these professionals.


Do you provide debt consolidation or credit counseling? 


No, we advise clients they may see an improvement in their credit scores by using our services, however we do not provide debt consolidation services.


How do I get started with Jackson Personal Financial Services?


Our services begin with a no-cost initial consultation typically in the comfort of your home. We discuss your situation and provide a recommendation for your service needs. If you would like to hire Jackson Personal Financial Services, we will sign a formal contract outlining the services requested.


How do you charge for your service?


The initial one hour consultation is complimentary. Our rates are hourly with a minimum of three hours per month. Our rates are competitive and typically lower than your other financial partners. We also charge for materials the client has asked us to provide such as postage or office supplies. Travel expense is charged for travel for more than 10 miles from Jackson Personal Financial office in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.




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