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Heather Jackson founded Jackson Personal Financial Services with the approach of integrating her financial and medical experience into her work with clients needing assistance with day to day finances. Heather has developed the skills and expertise that enable her to assist and guide her clients in a caring and knowledgeable manner.


“My goal is to help Clients maintain their independence by helping manage

 their day to day personal and small business finances in a trusted and comfortable environment ."

Heather Jackson, President of Jackson Personal Financial Services


Heather earned a Finance Degree from the University of Georgia and worked as a Private Banker and Commercial Banker for 13 years at financial Institutions in Atlanta, Georgia and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida. She has worked in the medical community for the past 15 years, giving her a unique insight of the challenges many people face from health to finances.


Over the past 25 years of financial and medical experience, Heather has developed an extensive local network of highly regarded professionals of accountants, attorneys, medical providers, financial advisors, and other respected service providers available to assist in working toward client solutions.


Heather prides herself at being exceptionally well organized, working in a professional manner and keeping clients on task. Her previous work experience in the corporate world has provided her with the valuable skills needed to negotiate and find creative solutions: she's analytical and has a gift for motivating others toward achieving goals and, probably the most important, the ability to work well under pressure. 


Jacksonville Beach, Florida is where Heather Jackson and her husband call home for the past 20 years. She has a daughter and two sons. Her community commitments have included being on the board of Dial a Ride (Beaches Council on Aging Agency) and volunteering at a number of the local Assisted Living Communites.

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